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Zero Zero Robotics announces first 50-minute drone, the V-Coptr …

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Zero Zero Robotics anuncia primeiro drone com 50 minutos de autonomia, o V-Coptr Falcon

Drone enthusiasts know that the main heel of technology for this hobby, besides the price of products, is their autonomy. The flight time of these small aircraft today can be a bit frustrating, but Zero Zero Robotics has just taken an important step on the road to solving this problem with the launch of V-Coptr Falcon. According to the manufacturer, this is the first end-consumer drone with a flight range of up to 50 minutes.

In addition to its well-above-average range, which is about 30 minutes for quads, the V-Coptr Falcon also stands out for its two-propeller design. The solution gives you a silhouette that resembles a letter "V", hence its name.

"V-Coptr is the result of two and a half years of research and development, and we are very proud. We are more excited than ever to keep innovating and pushing the limits of both intelligence and flight. Zero Zero is looking forward to continuing to challenge expectations of what is possible with drones and to expand our offerings to different consumer segments.
MQ Wang, Founder and CEO of Zero Zero Robotics

In terms of features, some of the key to this drone highlights are:

– Three-axis mechanical gimbal
– Video resolution up to 4k at 30fps
– 12MP Pictures
– 1 / 2.3 inch Sony CMOS Sensor
– Up to 7km transmission range
– Transport folding propeller shafts
– 249g weight

V-Coptr Falcon presales have started and can be purchased on the Zero Zero Robotics official website for $ 699 until December 31st. But this is the pre-sale promotional price, as of January 1st it goes to its normal retail price of $ 999. As you might expect, the drone price issue is not in such a hurry to be resolved as to autonomy. The manufacturer is expected to begin shipping orders in February 2020.

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