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Youtuber who popularized 'Rasteira's Challenge' apologizes: 'Forgive me' …

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Youtuber who popularized 'Rasteira's Challenge' apologizes: 'Forgive me' ...

The bad joke that became popular on social networks in recent days was popularized through the Brazilian digital influencer Robson Calabianqui, known as ‘Fuinha’, 23 years old.

With more than 2 million subscribers on his Youtube channel, Fuinha recorded a video in which he and his brother perform the 'Desafio da Rasteira' in his own mother.

He pulled the video off the air, apologized on social media and said he was sorry.

“It sounds funny, but did you know that I could have lost my mom to this game?”, She says in one of the excerpts from the video.

Standing side by side, one person jumps at a time. When the middle person is in the air, he receives a double bounce, taking a tumble that usually ends with his head hitting the ground.

The movements went viral and started to be reproduced by children and adolescents in several schools.

“I am very sorry to have posted this video. I never imagined that he would be such a viral. It was supposed to be just another means of entertainment on the internet. (…) As an influencer I failed, as a comedian I failed. I apologize to all of you, ”said Fuinha.

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