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YouTube update for smarpthones brings better TV experience

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Update do YouTube para smarpthones traz melhor experiência em TVs

Google has released an update to the YouTube app for Android and iOS that results in a better experience for watching videos on smartTVs. The main novelty of the update is the ability to use your smartphone to do voice searches on the video platform.

The idea, according to the developers, is to make it easier for users to watch, control and enjoy the YouTube experience on their favorite device.

The voice search function not only works when the smartphone is casting to the TV, but also when the app is running natively on the phone. As The Verge explains, one use of this would be to look for dinner recipes on your smartphone using your voice – and then the appropriate content will appear on your TV screen.

Source: Google

Also new with the YouTube update is that it is now possible to watch HDR videos on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. In addition, it is expected that Google will bring further news to the mobile application of its video platform.

According to the German publication Smartdroid, some Android users have realized that the latest update allows the YouTube app to function as a remote control. This is only the case when it comes to times when the app is operating in conjunction with a smartTV, which is responsible for displaying the content.

This functionality features directional control that facilitates navigation on the platform and provides quick access to video controls.

Via: The verge Source: Google


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