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Xiaomi launches toy version of Suzuki Jimny, but fans still want a car …

by ace

Xiaomi gave its biggest fans a scare this week with a post on social networks that made many people believe that the company would finally be announcing a car of its own making. But it wasn’t this time – at least not yet. The company was quick to clarify that it is releasing only a toy car, a remote control replica of a Suzuki Jimny.

The car is a 1:16 replica that will be sold for 199 yuan in China, which gives more or less R $ 150 at the time of creating this post.

But before I simply ignore the event as a misunderstanding, it is worth understanding better what raised some speculations. The original post, which has already been deleted, showed the silhouette of a car with a description that could be translated as something close to “Making cars? Are we serious!”. That publication was deleted and the company said there was a misunderstanding on the part of those who created it, but it appears to be a very specific error. Was it a teaser?

It is worth remembering that it has long been speculated that Xiaomi, producer of an immense portfolio of products, could enter the field of electric cars. And this speculation does not come out of nowhere, after all the company has already partnered with FAW last year, a Chinese car maker. FAW created a Bestune T77 SUV “Xiaomi Version” with features to connect to Xiaomi’s domestic “smart” products, compatible with voice commands, etc. In this case, however, the car is still from FAW, not from Xiaomi.

Last month, however, as Gizmochina remembers, Xiaomi registered a brand in China that could be translated as “Xiaomi Car Alliance” – “Xiaomi Car Alliance”. We know nothing but this record, but it certainly fuels the hope of anyone who wants to see a car coming from the brand.


New employee arrival raises rumors about manufacturer’s self-driving car

In any case, speculation about the creation of a possible electric car is directed at any large technology company. Google has already rehearsed a project that doesn’t seem to be advancing fast, and a lot has been said about Apple creating something along those lines as well, another subject that we haven’t had news in a while.

Source: GizmoChina, Abacus


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