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Xiaomi launches power bank with retro radio look

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Xiaomi lança power bank com aparência de rádio retrô

Xiaomi has announced the launch of a new retro radio design power bank on the Youpin platform. The portable charger, which has 10,000 mAh of battery capacity, also doubles as an FM radio.

As with virtually all Chinese products, the gadget hits the market at a price that is considered very affordable: 138 yuan – about $ 19, or $ 80 in direct conversion to our currency, without tax.

Credits: Gizmochina / Reproduction

The portable charger weighs 212 grams and is made of rigid, lightweight PC + ABS plastic that is comfortable to the touch. The power bank has also been designed with a portable design that facilitates one-handed usability. It has two 5V / 2.1A USB ports, as well as a USB 2.0 port for charging. The digital display shows the power level. There is also a button at the top that is used to turn the FM radio on and off.

According to the Gizmochina website, the battery complies with the international aviation standard and can charge iPhone X three times.

Xiaomi launches power bank with retro radio look

Credits: Gizmochina / Reproduction

Regarding appearance, it is worth mentioning the speaker, which has a grid very similar to that of the radios of the 70s. There are even some inscriptions on the carcass: "Time flies" and "The age of Elvis". Xiaomi will make the portable charger available in black, white and pink.

Yesterday, the Chinese company had already announced the launch of another power bank (which is also a hand warmer) with a very similar design. Both will reach the market, inclusive, with the same price suggested.

Xiaomi launches power bank with retro radio look

Credits: Gizmochina / Reproduction

This second gadget provides heating on both sides at a constant temperature of 52 degrees. The housing is made of aluminum, which facilitates rapid heat conduction. Xiaomi says the device is manufactured using multi-material technology combined with fire resistant ABS, making it safe and reliable.

Via: Gizmochina
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