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Xiaomi is the most searched smartphone brand by Brazilians in 2019

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Xiaomi é a marca de smartphones mais pesquisada pelos brasileiros em 2019

According to a survey by Boston-based software company SEMrush, Xiaomi became the most sought after smartphone brand by Brazilians in 2019. The Chinese company's handsets totaled 21.3 million internet searches, passing other brands. like Samsung and Apple.


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The data used in the survey came from platforms such as Google and Bing, and the analysis was made between January and October this year. Behind Xiaomi was Samsung with 13.8 million searches and third Apple with 11.4 million.

Compared to the monthly search volume, Xiaomi grew 174% in October compared to January this year. Samsung kept stable numbers throughout the year, and Apple's monthly average was 1.1 million. The apple company had a search peak in September with 3.3 million, probably related to the launch of iPhones 11.

Fourth, Huawei came with 2.2 million searches between January and October.

In parallel, SEMrush also found out which were the 10 most popular smartphone models by the Brazilian public and, in this ranking, Apple did well. Of all cell phones, 8 of them are iPhones. Check out the list below:


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1. iPhone 7 – 18 million;

2. iPhone 7 Plus – 12.5 million;

3. iPhone X – 12.1 million;

4. iPhone 8 – 10.7 million;

5. iPhone 8 Plus – 10.7 million;

6. Xiaomi Mi 8 – 8.1 million;

7. Xiaomi Mi 9 – 8 million;

8. iPhone 11 – 7.8 million;

9. iPhone 6S – 6.9 million;

10. iPhone 6 – 6.6 million;


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