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World's First Running Hyperloop Expected to Cost $ 25 Billion

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Primeiro Hyperloop em funcionamento no mundo deverá custar US$ 25 bilhões

Recent studies to put the Hyperloop transport project into practice show that it will cost as much as $ 25 billion. To be approved, the transportation system must be presented to lawmakers and civil servants who will decide whether the construction of the line connecting Chicago, Cleveland and Pittsburgh will be approved. Hyperloop is a proposed passenger and cargo transport model launched by Tesla and SpaceX teams, both companies of Elon Musk.

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State may be the ninth in the United States to adopt transportation technology

The budget survey took place through a study by the Northeast Ohio Area Coordinating Agency (NOACA) and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT). The project, which took nearly two years to develop, used government-approved methods to analyze the costs and benefits of the new rail infrastructure. The bottom line was that, in general terms, the benefits of the Hyperloop system far outweigh the traditional transportation costs of economy rather than environmental aggression.

HTT's plan is to operate a line between Chicago and Cleveland, which then heads to Pittsburgh, covering about 1,239.19 km. It currently takes about eight hours by car and 90 minutes by plane between Chicago O'Hare Airport and Pittsburgh International Airport. Hyperloop's travel time estimate shows that the journey between Chicago and Pittsburgh would take less than 70 minutes. Even more surprisingly, this time can fall to less than an hour with course adjustments.


Technology is also taking its first steps in Brazil

This new mode of transport is considerably faster than traditional options. Studying the benefits and costs of Hyperloop also suggests that the company could adopt the airlines' freight model by rail, hauling not only people but also heavy loads. Another thing is that although the system is automated, it may be that the company needs an employee to take care of the services portion of each pod, train, or pod. This employee shall be responsible for security, fare collection and customer service functions.

Even with the estimated budget, an environmental impact study is still needed, which may not be completed by 2023, according to the companies and agencies involved in the project. So we should wait a while longer to see Hyperloop come true.

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