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WhatsApp Business will process who uses the app to send messages on …

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WhatsApp Business processará quem usar o aplicativo para enviar mensagens em massa

According to the new rule in force on the 7th, WhatsApp Business will now process who uses the app to send bulk messages.


Special version of the chat app is designed for small business to customer communication.

The WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp Business API are not designed to send automatic or bulk messages – making use of both is a violation of the Terms of Service. In addition to advertisements, mass messages can be used to spread fake news as well as to spread malicious links.

Using the internal WhatsApp platform information detailed in the available whitepaper on here In PDF format, the company has already identified and closed thousands of abusive accounts operating on the service.

In some cases, WhatsApp has already taken legal action against companies that abused the platform for mass messaging after evidence has proven abuse of the platform for this purpose.

The announcement on the rule that came into force on the 7th reads as follows:

“As of December 7, 2019, WhatsApp will take legal action against anyone who assists third parties in violating our Terms of Service with abusive practices such as bulk or automated messaging or commercial use, even if such information becomes available. to us off the platform. Off-platform information, for example, includes company statements about the ability to use WhatsApp in violation of our Terms of Service. This text serves as a warning that we will take legal action against companies that abuse our platform if we have evidence outside of them and if they continue after December 7, 2019, or before that date if those companies are linked to evidence within our platform. evidence of such practices. ”

Even with the new rule in place, WhatsApp will continue to use features like machine learning-based classifiers to identify and ban accounts that abuse the platform. WhatsApp Announcement Can Be Viewed In Full on here.

Source: TechTudo, Whatsapp


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