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Whale Galaxy PHOTO 80,000 light years from Earth shows huge ropes …

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Whale Galaxy PHOTO 80,000 light years from Earth shows huge ropes ...

Giant filaments were discovered in the magnetic field of galaxy NGC 4631 above and below the galactic disk in the image captured by the Karl G. Jansky Observatory (VLA).

The spiral galaxy is seen from the front, with its pink star disk. The filaments are displayed in green and blue and extend beyond the disk toward the galaxy's halo.

The filaments with the magnetic field pointing approximately in our direction are represented in green, and the field pointing in the opposite direction – in blue. Such an alternating direction magnetic field phenomenon had never been seen before in the halo of a galaxy.

"This is the first time we have clearly detected what astronomers call large-scale, coherent magnetic fields in the halo of a spiral galaxy, with the field lines aligned in the same direction at a distance of a thousand light years. regular pattern of this organized field changing direction, "explained Marita Krause of the Max-Planck Institute for Radioastronomy, Germany.

According to scientists at the Continuum Halos in Nearby Galaxies project – an EVLA Survey, headed by Judith Irwin of Queen's University, Canada, the image reveals a coherent, large-scale magnetic field generated by dynamo action within the galaxy and external filaments in form of giant magnetic strings perpendicular to the disc.

                    Photo / Jayanne English of the University of Manitoba (NRAO)

Image of the Whale Galaxy (NGC 4631) taken by the Karl G. Jansky Observatory, USA

The image was taken by gathering data from various Very Large Array (VLA) telescope observations arranged in a wide variety of configurations to reveal both large structures and more detailed parts within the galaxy. The radio waves emitted by the galaxy were analyzed to show the magnetic fields, including their directions, informs Space portal.

According to astronomers, the techniques used to define the direction of the magnetic field lines shown in the image can also be used in this and other galaxies to solve important questions, including whether coherent magnetic fields are common in galactic halos and their forms.

The Whale Galaxy (NGC 4631) is located 25 million light years from Earth and is 80,000 light years in diameter, slightly smaller than the Milky Way.

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