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'We will deepen relations', says USA about Brazil after withdrawing the status of …

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Two days after removing Brazil from the list of countries considered to be developing, the US administration says it will deepen relations with the government of Jair Bolsonaro.

The statement was made by the Secretary of Energy of the United States, Dan Brouillette, on the afternoon of this Wednesday (12).

"Looking at the Americas, Brazil is our most natural ally in the region, so we are going to deepen our relationship with the new Brazilian government," said Brouillette in response to Sputnik Brasil during a press conference in the city of Sines, in Portugal.

Donald Trump's representative was in Rio de Janeiro at the beginning of February for the first Brazil-United States Energy Forum. The meeting resulted in the signing of agreements for the development of nuclear energy and commitments for the oil and gas sector.

Asked by Sputnik Brasil, Dan Brouillette evaluated the visit as "wonderful", with favorable moments for bilateral dialogues.

"The talks were very important for the United States. Brazil has been an ally, as well as Portugal. We have been friends for centuries and I think that if we can strengthen and deepen our relationship with Brazil, and Portugal, it will be beneficial," he said.

                    Sputnik / Caroline Ribeiro

United States Energy Secretary Dan Bruillette sees projects to expand the port of Sines in Portugal

In Portugal, dispute with China

The US Secretary of Energy spoke to the press after visiting the facilities at the port of Sines, equipment he considers to have a "strategic position" for exports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the United States to Europe.

Last October, the Portuguese government opened a public tender for the construction and administration of the Vasco da Gama terminal, the new platform in the port of Sines. Dan Brouillette confirmed the interest of American companies in the competition. The secretary's entourage included several CEOs and company representatives from the United States.

However, the dispute will be against China, which also has a strong interest in the equipment. Due to its geographical position, the port of Sines is an important point for the Strip and Route program, considered the new "silk route", an allusion to the historical period when trade between Asia, the Mediterranean and Africa was carried out on paths pioneered by Chinese merchants.

Launched in 2013, the Chinese program foresees the increase of railways and highways, which will cross Russia and Central Asia, and the establishment of a network of ports in the Mediterranean and Africa.

                    Sputnik / Caroline Ribeiro

Port of Sines, in Portugal, is of interest to the United States and China

The Portuguese government has discussed the possibilities for investment in the port with the Chinese, but the United States also presents itself as strong competitors. Pedro Nuno Santos, Minister of Infrastructure of Portugal, accompanied the secretary Dan Brouillette, and kept his discretion to avoid a fair exit with the visitors.

"This is a very important visit to Portugal, we are trying to take advantage of it in the best way. At the moment there are several stakeholders who are evaluating, studying. I cannot go into this topic much further, there is a process underway. In this visit with the secretary there are several companies with whom I will have the opportunity to meet. There is an ongoing work with companies from all over the globe, obviously, "said the minister at the conference.

Asked about the competition with the Chinese, Dan Brouillette said he had not discussed the scenario with the Portuguese government.

"We never suggest that people stop talking to the Chinese, it is not our mission here. Our mission is to make American companies and others know that we are interested in this type of infrastructure development, and I think you can see this interest in the presence of American companies here, "he replied.

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