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We 'holistically' seek to insert Brazilians into the labor market, says …

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We 'holistically' seek to insert Brazilians into the labor market, says ...


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Special Secretary for Social Security and Labor, Rogério Marinho, said that the CLT does not "include" Brazilians and that the government seeks "holistically" ways to "insert" people into the market, "not necessarily formalized".

"The CLT does not include the Brazilian. There are only 40 million people with a formal contract and the market is changing. So we are looking for a holistic, more complete way to allow people to enter the labor market not necessarily formalized. "Marino said in an interview published by the newspaper Valor Econômico.

Marinho also stated that the large number of workers in the informal market, "more than 30 million Brazilians" will impact the future of Social Security, and this needs to be discussed in the future.

"Of course we would like everyone to be formalized. But we understand that this is not a reality. There is the MEI (Individual Microentrepreneur), self-employed professionals, liberals, microentrepreneurs, intermittent and part-time workers, now the Wallet worker Verde Amarela, the civil servant and the informal worker I am talking about more than 30 million Brazilians who work without formal ties and who, in one way or another, in the future, will put pressure on our social security and welfare system. that needs to happen. How are we going to fund this system in 20 or 30 years, "he said.

'In 2022 we should go back to less than one digit'

The secretary also said that unemployment has structural reasons and should only fall below 10% at the end of President Jair Bolsonaro's term in 2022.

"The issue of unemployment in Brazil today has much more to do with a structural issue. It is not simply a matter of supply and demand. There is a change in the profile of the labor market. That is why the fall in indices has been so We imagine that in 2022 we should go back to less than one digit. But nothing spectacular. High, "he predicted.

Marinho said the index could reach 9.5%, but the pace will depend on economic growth, may be higher or lower depending on the country's growth rate.

"It will depend a lot on economic growth. If we really have 2.5% to 3% in the next three years, this change can be more intense. Because the jobs that will be generated will be mainly in the area of ​​construction, in the textile area, segments that employ more intensively ", he pondered.

The secretary, however, has estimated that informal economic growth will be "vigorous".

"One thing is formal employment, and another thing is the occupation of people. That yes, I think it will be quite vigorous in the coming years," he said.

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