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Was it a ghost? 'Spirit' of woman 'cries' on chilling VIDEO

by ace
Was it a ghost? 'Spirit' of woman 'cries' on chilling VIDEO

Supposed female ghost character of Latin American folklore appears on video while emitting sound similar to crying and astonishing netizens.

The image was associated with the character of Latin American folklore La Llorona (The Chorona), sometimes also called Sayona.

According to legend, in the past the woman drowned her children in a river before committing suicide.

However, after his death, his most serious crime became a hindrance for his spirit to enter paradise. Since then, she seeks the souls of her children and drowns other children in order to be forgiven.

According to some, the woman's spirit appears in the video below crying at the top of a tree.

I got a video of the supposed sight of "Sayona" (the llorona) taking over a hacienda plastered somewhere called "The merey" here in #Venezuela…. Saquen Uds sus conclusions about myth the reality … # 03Ene pic.twitter.com/XRLmM74Zm5

– ΙΚΞ ™ (@Ikextrem) January 3, 2020

I got a video of Sayona (la Llorona) alleged apparition made by farm workers at a place called El Merey here in Venezuela … Draw your own conclusions about whether it's myth or truth …

While some netizens say the video was made in Venezuela, others say it was recorded in Colombia or Peru.


According published the Daily Star tabloid, reactions on the Internet ranged from fear to mockery.

"After I heard about it, I had to sleep with my mom – and I haven't even seen the video yet," wrote a netizen on the net.

However, another reviewer asked: "What is this woman doing up there, she will fall!"

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