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Virtual sales increase 15% in Brazil amid the COVID-19 pandemic, says …

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Virtual sales increase 15% in Brazil amid the COVID-19 pandemic, says ...


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With the COVID-19 pandemic, Brazilians needed to stay in their homes and some governors are advising the population to stay at home and asking for the closure of some establishments.

The attitude made small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to migrate sales from the physical store to the virtual one, moving the Brazilian e-commerce sector.

In an interview with Sputnik Brasil, Fernando Mansano, founder and president of the E-commerce Leaders Committee (ComEcomm), the virtual sales sector recorded a growth of approximately 40% in the first 15 days of March.

"E-commerce registered in the first 15 days of March an increase of around 40% in all segments, with special emphasis on food, personal care products and health," he said.

According to Fernando Mansano, this is an expressive and unexpected growth and above the expectations of the sector.

"It is a very expressive index, it is above the growth expectations that e-commerce had for this year. Obviously, due to the exceptional effect of the coronavirus, there was a sudden change in the Brazilian's behavior in having to buy in person, be it telemarketing, applications , virtual stores, e-commerce as a whole ", he said.

The increase in sales made through electronic commerce also generated, according to Mansano, the emergence of temporary jobs.

"This increase is creating opportunities for job openings, we do not have an effective figure, but we are seeing a surge in job offers, at first temporary," he pointed out.

Fernando Mansano believes that the consequences of the increased use of e-commerce in Brazil during the COVID-19 pandemic may have a permanent effect.

"(Entrepreneurs) ended up feeling how important it is to have more sales channels", he added.


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