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Video shows Skydio 2 drone in forest dodging everything around

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Video shows Skydio 2 drone in forest dodging everything around

A video made with a Skydio 2 shows how it is an unprecedented drone. YouTube's Kendall Martin profile shared a capture made in the middle of a forest where you can see how the aircraft is able to maneuver to avoid collisions. We've been watching Skydio 2 since before its October release and since then we've been watching amazing videos of what it is capable of.

The images were taken on a videomaker weekend and are the highlights of several takes made by him. In all, he made 40 minutes of recording. While it's amazing to see how the shunting maneuvers are done, it's also important to note that the video gives a good idea of ​​the image quality generated by the gadget.


Specialized freestanding ships, it represents what we can expect from these aircraft in the future.

It is noticeable that the images come out quite stabilized and, according to Martin, there was no color correction, stabilization, speed up the video playback and no reversal of any kind, giving more value to what we see.

Skydio 2 can fly with real-time recognition of everything around you. It has six cameras around its body that read in depth, most surprisingly, they each take 4K shots at high frequencies to ensure that what the drone is seeing is as current as possible.

Skydio 2 arrives smaller, lighter, with more
battery, deviates from everything and shoots at 4K 60FPS!

In the previous model, the Skydio R1, the company used 12 cameras, but they proved inefficient in some scenarios, leading to the change in the new drone.

In addition to the improved flight system, it arrived lighter with more battery than its predecessor, all for the $ 999 launch price. The drone's announcement video even compares with a DJI Phantom with the phrase "drones are dumb, Skydio 2 is smart".

Source: Kendall Martin


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