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Video shows mother interacting with virtual version of her deceased daughter using VR

by ace

A Korean television program started to go viral on internet videos. That's because it covered the story of a family who lost their seven-year-old daughter. During the show, called Meeting You, or Meeting You, they managed to recreate the image of the child with Virtual Reality. Even the girl's voice was redone, with ready phrases that she spoke to her mother.

The 3D reproduction image was not static, it was possible to interact with the child. Gloves were given to the girl's mother, and she had the feeling that she was touching her daughter. That is, in addition to the visual and auditory senses, she also had tactile senses. The virtual reality glasses simulated a scenario where the two met and were able to talk and interact. In the headphones the child's voice was replicated, with some ready phrases. You can see the video of the moment when the technology is used below:

The television team was responsible for developing the child's image. Possibly the recreation was made from personal family images and videos. It is not known if the mother was prepared for this meeting, or if it was a surprise made by the production.

In any case, this demonstrates the advances that Virtual Reality is going through. Although it seems incredible, we must take into account the psychological upheavals that people can have with this situation. Even with the full awareness that your daughter can no longer interact with her, this parallel reality can very confuse people's perception.

It depends a lot on how each person faces their grief. The video makes it clear that the mother is very upset and that the loss of her daughter is still recent. This develops a series of questions if doing this on a national network, in the freight of many people, is ethical. There is still not enough research to measure the extent to which it can affect people.

It is necessary that psychological monitoring is done so that more traumas are not developed. Losing a loved one in the family is already a very difficult process, technology must be used with care. That's because it can help you get over it, but it can also leave your conscious lost.

Via: Kotaku


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