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Video closely shows the Audi AI Trail that uses five drones as headlights

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Vídeo mostra de perto o Audi AI Trail que utiliza cinco drones como faróis


Vehicle is just a concept, so it may never go into manufacturing

In September of this year, during the Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi unveiled the Audi AI Trail, an off-road electric concept car whose main novelty is the use of five drones in place of traditional headlights. At the time we did a story with information about the car.

The five triangular-shaped drones, called Audi Light Pathfinders, use the same principle as bladeless fans to produce airflow and ensure their sustenance during flight. Made of lightweight material, they have a good autonomy to ensure the illumination of the road, completely replacing the conventional headlights.

If it wasn't enough for them to ensure the driver's path was illuminated, the drones still have onboard cameras that can transmit video footage to the car via Wi-Fi.
The landing site of the five drones is located on the roof of the car with style.

Recently the YouTube channel Supercar Blondie made a short story about new information and closely showing more details of the Audi AI Trail. Showing that it's not just the drones that make it quite interesting.

The car also has special off-road tires, large side windows and an extensive sunroof, so that the driver and passengers have a clear view of the outside environment. Passengers in the back of the car will enjoy comfortable 'hammocks' rather than the traditional rear seat of a car.

Because it is an off-road vehicle, it brings some related objects, such as first aid kit, water bottles and a binocular. In the driver's seat there are only 3 components: The steering wheel, a smartphone dock and the pedals. Everything in the vehicle is controlled by the smartphone that is positioned behind the steering wheel.

The proposal behind the Audi AI Trail is to bring an alternative to the car market, in which the customer makes a contract to use the vehicle (something similar with a car rental, but directly with the automaker and for a longer period of time). to serve there is a specific purpose.

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