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Venezuela accuses Portuguese government and airline of trying to enter with …

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The President of the Venezuelan Constituent Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, on Thursday (13) accused the government of Portugal and the airline TAP of being conniving with the attempt to enter explosives into Venezuelan territory.

Cabello confirmed that Venezuelan authorities arrested Juan Guaidó's uncle, Juan José Márquez, when he arrived in Venezuela on Wednesday (12).

He is accused of terrorism for allegedly transporting explosives and bulletproof vests on the trip between Lisbon and Caracas on a TAP plane. The information was published through the SIC website.

According to Diosdado Cabello, Guaidó's uncle brought “very dangerous material inside the plane” that would be used in “destabilizing operations in Venezuela”.

TAP Air Portugal aircraft (file photo)

Nicolás Maduro's government said the lanterns brought by Márquez contained chemicals of an explosive nature, possibly a C4 synthetic explosive.

The opposition said the evidence had been planted and called for the immediate release of Juan José Márquez.

The Portuguese Government guarantees that there was no contact with the Guaidó delegation.


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