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Vegan steak produced with 3D printer

by ace

The search for substitutes for animal derivatives is becoming increasingly high as vegan guidelines gain strength around the world. The gateway to veganism often begins with the decrease in meat consumption until it is null. With this numerous solutions have appeared in recent decades, solutions that seek to simulate meat through vegetable origin, grains and protein combinations, this time the bet for the ideal replica of the texture is on top of 3D printers.

The ball of the time is with an Israeli company called Redefine Meat. The company seeks to bring extremely similar foods in terms of texture and flavor in relation to beef. The material used in production is not derived from animals and is based on plant origin.

On the official website of Redefine the company explains the action better.

“Our technology combines 3D meat modeling, food formulation technology and printing to deliver a new category of complex matrix “meat” at a more economical cost. Redefining Meat causes 95% less environmental impact, has no cholesterol and is cheaper than animal meat.”

The product is under test this year in some restaurants and is expected to be put into industrial production in 2021. When we think of 3D printers, especially on this occasion where the materials used require a lot of research and technology involved, we think directly about the cost this has and how this cost can be passed on to consumers. Regarding the market price we still have no information, but Redefine Meat ensures that the entry into the vegan business is much more showy than we can think of at first.

“The global market for alternative foods for meat is a rapidly growing segment within the food industry and is expected to reach $140 billion annually, even if current alternatives fail to deliver the full animal meat experience.”

In this way Redefines Meat promises to deliver as close to the texture and real flavor of an animal meat from vegetable origin and sustainable products. According to the company’s CEO, Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, meat fibers could only be simulated thanks to 3D printing technology. The company also points out that beef production has a major environmental impact and is a high-cost production. In this way the alternative they present also appeals to the ecological side, another great wave that is becoming increasingly present in world debates.

Redefine Meat is not the only one on the market that has thought of this solution. Also working with 3D printing to create meats of vegetable origin the Spanish company Nova Meat in addition to working with the creation of “beef” and have the version made by 3D printers that simulate pork.

Source: Engadget, Reuters


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