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US is hampering TikTok access for security reasons

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Estados Unidos está dificultando acesso ao TikTok por questões de segurança

The US government is keeping an eye on TikTok, the social-networking application that lets you create short videos with music and other effects. The reason? The company behind the app is Chinese, something that does not much like some of the country's political leaders, starting with Donald Trump, the country's president. Boycotts of the app began with accusations that it is also a threat to the country's security.

TikTok had an abrupt and big growth in the year 2019, the fact of having Chinese origin did not prevent its expansion to the West, where it is being viewed with bad eyes by some people. Still, it continues to grow, since 2017, the growth of the application was 1533%, from little known to mandatory for those who are addicted to record videos for social networks. If you don't know TikTok, for simplicity's sake, it generates videos similar to those of the now defunct Vine.

TikTok denies banning user for posting
videos about concentration camps in China

The prosecution comments that the app collects data from US citizens and takes it to China for misuse and espionage purposes. From now on, US Navy military personnel are prevented from using TikTok on their mobile phone, US-provided smartphones for their military personnel are prevented from installing the app. As the suspicion is of espionage, in case of war, China would be a step behind, unable to use TikTok to know the plans being implemented by the United States military. The measure goes further, military personnel caught using TikTok on their mobile phone will be expelled from the Navy Intranet.

TikTok has not responded to the accusation and has shown no interest in defending or reinforcing that it is safe, if the boycott escalates nationally, it may complicate the company a bit, but for now it is not a big problem.

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