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US Embassy and Military Base Target Iraq Attacks (PHOTOS)

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US Embassy and Military Base Target Iraq Attacks (PHOTOS)

The US Embassy in Baghdad was the target of an attempted rocket attack on Saturday, local sources said. At the same time, a military base that houses US soldiers would also have been attacked.

So far, information about what has happened is still inaccurate. Reports posted on social networks report at least one projectile fired at US diplomatic representation in the Iraqi capital. But it seems that the building would not have been hit.

According to Reuters, the Katyusha rocket in question would have crashed into the so-called Baghdad Green Zone but left no casualties. The information was confirmed by a member of the Iraqi security forces to Sputnik.

Photos show the consequences of the rocket attack on the Baghdad Green Zone and the US Embassy in Iraq.

Two crashes would have been heard in the Iraqi capital on Saturday night, but there is still no confirmation as to the nature of this other possible explosion. At the same time, sources quoted by AFP speak of an attack also on the Balad air base, located north of Baghdad, which houses US military personnel. Two rockets were reportedly fired at the base, also leaving no casualties.

According to Reuters, Iraqi police said at least five people were injured after the mortar bomb was launched against Baghdad's Jadriya neighborhood. To date, there is no information on the source and reason for this attack.

All of these violent events occur amid rising tensions in the region following the death of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, the victim of a US air strike in Baghdad last Friday. The US action sparked outrage and concerns across the region, while Iranian officials pledged retaliation.


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