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US attacks 5 military installations in Syria and Iraq

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US attacks 5 military installations in Syria and Iraq

The attacks are defensive in nature and respond to earlier attacks on a base in northern Iraq on Friday.

Sunday's attacks were carried out against Kata'ib Hezbollah facilities in Syria and Iraq, including weapons storage sites and command and control bases, the Pentagon said in a statement.

"In response to repeated Kata'ib Hezbollah (KH) attacks on Iraqi bases housing Operation Inherent Resolution (OIR) coalition forces, US forces conducted precision defensive attacks against five KH facilities in Iraq and Syria that will degrade (the group's) ability to conduct future attacks on OIR forces, "said Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman.

According to reports published by Reuters, US drone attacks killed "several" militia fighters.

Kata'ib Hezbollah is an Iraqi paramilitary group formed during the Iraq War as an insurgency that resisted the US military occupation that began in 2003. The group participated in the battle of Iraq against the terrorist group Daesh (banned in Russia), joining joins the coalition of militias allied with the government of the "People's Mobilization Forces", which helped expel terrorists from Iraq between 2016 and 2017. The US believes the group is affiliated with Iran and receives military assistance from Lebanon's Hezbollah movement.

On Friday, the United States accused Kata'ib Hezbollah of involvement in an attack on the K1 military base outside Kirkuk, northern Iraq. The attack killed one US civil contractor and injured others. The K1 military base has been a frequent target of several targets. No group took immediate responsibility for Friday's attack.

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