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Unofficial iPhone 12 image becomes a joke on Twitter

by ace
Imagem não oficial do iPhone 12 vira motivo de piada no Twitter

A rendered image that supposedly represents the iPhone 12 has been circling the internet, mostly on Twitter. The rendering is unofficial, but simulates what the next generation of the device might look like, coming with four rather bulging rear cameras.

Of course jokers on duty wasted no time creating some memes inspired by the 'new look' of the iPhone. Comparison with a four-burner stove would be to be expected, but it's also interesting to note how the design was unexpectedly similar to the Hurricane 2000 Seawall.

It is important to highlight here that this image simply "came up" over the internet. It was certainly created by a 3D artist inspired by the leaks and speculation that has been made about the iPhone 12, but the design is unofficial. In addition, the image has not yet appeared in more established channels of leaks, in which we rely more on your posts coming true, so at the moment it is difficult to bet that this image will end up confirming. Anyway, it is not an absurd prediction if we take into account the trend set by the iPhone 11 – which has arrived with a set of very protruding triple cameras, the target of much criticism. Whether confirming or not, the image has already served to render some fun memes:


Rumors also say an iPhone SE 2 will be released in March.

At the moment, what we have about the iPhone 12 are quite distant rumors, after all the release of the current version of the device is still a few months old. What has been speculated by the rumors is that we will have four variants of the new generation of the phone, all with OLED screens and 5G connectivity. While it may be a little early yet for 5G in all iPhone options, we can say that the OLED screen in all versions "is on time" and is a natural thing to imagine.

For now, we still have a long way to go before the first, more concrete information about the next generation of Apple devices begins to appear. And the Connected World will follow closely there.

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