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Uber launches electric scooters in Brazil, starting with Santos

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Uber lança patinetes elétricos no Brasil, começando por Santos

Santos, on the coast of São Paulo, will be the first city in Brazil to receive Uber's new electric scooters. The company announced the start of operations on Tuesday (3) and has arrived with very competitive values. The price is $ 1.50 to unlock the vehicle and another $ 0.75 per minute of use. No other apps are required to download, just the same Uber account to use the scooters.

Ruddy Wang, Uber's Director of New Modalities in Brazil, said Uber's main goal is to help its customers travel, including the shortest, and to avoid reliance on polluting vehicles.

"We are very excited to bring Uber electric scooters to Brazil starting with Santos, a city that is always open to innovation and has a good cycling infrastructure. With this new service, we want to continue helping people get around without having to rely on a private car, helping to reduce congestion and urban pollution. " Ruddy Wang, Uber's New Modalities Director in Brazil

Uber has prepared a series of educational materials for Santos users remembering traffic rules and tips for safely riding the scooters. In addition, it has also entered into a partnership with Centauro to offer a 40% discount on the purchase of various helmet models, which can be purchased at store website.

Uber launches electric scooters in Brazil, starting with Santos

This year, the Uber app has been redesigned to give users a more practical way to discover the growing number of services available on the company's global platform. Two weeks ago, the company launched an integration with public transportation in the metropolitan region of São Paulo and started displaying information about bus, subway and train lines right in the app.

Now in Santos, the Uber user can choose whether to take a car trip, order a meal or rent an electric scooter, all in the same application.

Uber launches electric scooters in Brazil, starting with Santos

To rent, just open the Uber app and click on the scooter icon in the bottom corner of the map where the available vehicles can be located. There the user must scan or enter the code to unlock. If you are still traveling, you can also book up to 15 minutes.

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