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Twitter CEO will live in Africa in 2020: "is the continent that will define the …

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CEO do Twitter vai morar na África em 2020:

The African continent will be essential to the evolution of the technology market, according to Twitter and Jack payment platform commander Jack Dorsey. In a post on the social network, the executive revealed that he intends to live for three to six months in Africa in 2020, as he considers the place of great value for the future, especially of trends such as Bitcoin.

"Africa will define the future (especially bitcoin). I'm still not sure where, but I will live here for 3-6 months in mid-2020," Dorsey said after ending a trip to several countries on the continent. "Grateful to have experienced a small part."

According to Business Insider reports, the CEO of Twitter has traveled over recent weeks to countries such as Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa to discuss business on the continent. The commander of the social network did not give details on the subject, however, in some posts said he was discussing topics such as Bitcoin and blockchain.

Given the emphasis on linking the continent with cryptocurrencies, the 43-year-old businessman is possibly planning to expand his payment technologies to Africa in the future.

In addition to the Twitter CEO, other big Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and big companies are also interested in Africa. Google and Facebook have projects to expand the Internet connection there, to bring more people to the web and therefore have more customers. Alibaba's former boss, Jack Ma, also constantly visits the continent in search of business opportunities.

Via: Business insider
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