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Trump reveals which 'gift' he expects to get from Kim Jong-un at Christmas

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Trump reveals which 'gift' he expects to get from Kim Jong-un at Christmas


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US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un could be planning to give him "a good gift" as a "beautiful vase" for Christmas rather than a missile launch.

Trump gave this answer when asked what he would do if Pyongyang really did a long-range missile test.

North Korea has threatened to take unspecified measures if sanctions are not eased by the end of this year and speculation has focused on the possibility of a new missile test, possibly an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

The Asian country said its "Christmas gift" to the United States would depend on Washington's actions.

North Korean Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Hwasong-15

Trump, who is vacationing in Florida, just thanked the military in each branch of the army via satellite when asked about North Korea. He opted to wait to see the strategy.

Nuclear talks between the United States and North Korea have long been suspended since the collapse of a February summit between Trump and Kim in Hanoi, Vietnam.

A new satellite image of a factory where North Korea manufactures military equipment used to launch long-range missiles recently showed the construction of a new structure.

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