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Theories that seem conspiratorial, but turned out to be very real

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Theories that seem conspiratorial, but turned out to be very real

Some longstanding conspiracy theories are not exactly naive, some after years of speculation turn out to be true.

Throughout the history of the United States, there have been many theories that have shocked the world, making headlines with the most varied themes. Who has never been curious about an "affair" told at a family reunion?

They still hunt UFOs

In 1969, the US Government deactivated its Project Blue Book research program, although over the 22 years of the project, more than 700 apparitions were classified as "unidentified." The official version was that there was nothing to investigate, but UFO witnesses asserted that there was something in the sky, and continued to believe that the Government was still investigating "mysterious travelers," informs the Daily Star newspaper

In December 2017, The New York Times revealed the existence of a secret Pentagon operation called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. Officially closed in 2012, the search for "abnormal aerospace threats" still seems to continue, as revealed by the recent appearance witnessed by aircraft carrier USS Nimitz.

Controlled by the CIA

In 1977 Carl Bernstein, one of the journalists who revealed the Watergate scandal, wrote a complaint to Rolling Stones magazine about the CIA's extensive connections with the world's most powerful media organizations.

He revealed that the spy organization trained agents as journalists and found job vacancies for them in all major US newspapers, and also funded the publication of books that supported its operations.

The program, which began during the Cold War, was canceled by George Bush when he took over from the CIA in 1976. The US leader stated: "With immediate effect, the CIA will not establish any contractual or paid relationship with any full-time correspondent. or partial accredited by any US news media, whether newspaper, radio, or television. "

Fearsome Devil's Drink

During the era of tight control of the sale and production of alcohol in the United States, it was rumored that the government would have secretly poisoned all alcoholic beverages in the United States, as an effort to prevent consumption by its citizens.

The Government itself issued a guide on the subject, but "poisoning" was not intended to prevent consumption but tax purposes: alcohol intended for humans was taxed, while alcohol containing methanol was free of charge.



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