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The dream is over? Xiaomi postpones Mi Mix Alpha "indefinitely"

by ace
O sonho acabou? Xiaomi adia o Mi Mix Alpha

One of the smartphones shown last year that caught the most attention was one that does not even exist: the Mi Mix Alpha, by Xiaomi. The innovative concept of the device is most surprising: the cell phone is, in a way, completely enveloped by the screen itself. New is something that has become increasingly rare in the smartphone segment, so the Mi Mix Alpha announcement has thrilled a lot of people. That's why we're considering bad news about Xiaomi's recent announcement that the launch of the device has been postponed indefinitely.

Of course the concern may be exaggerated, but in the history of new products, "indefinite" postponements are not usually a good sign. It is also worth remembering that Xiaomi even promised that the Mi Mix Alpha would hit the shelves in December last year (2019).

The company would have pledged to offer a more concrete release date "as soon as they can." But remember that in the competitive smartphone market, any delay may also mean a need for hardware overhaul, especially when the product targets the super premium segment, as does the Mi Mix Alpha. The suggested price for the device is $ 2,800 and hardly anyone will want to invest that amount of money on a mobile phone with a processor last year, even though the performance gap between generations is not that relevant.


Mobile phone has high performance specifications and innovative design

Anyway, the Mi Mix Alpha is going to be a tough device to get. In addition to its prohibitive price and now an indefinite postponement, it has been previously disclosed that this model will be produced in limited quantities. We don't even know if he will ever leave China. We may consider that this first version of Mi Mix Alpha is an experimental product, but it is hoped that it will actually get into the hands of some end consumers and help "shake off" the increasingly stagnant design style of smartphones.

Source: GSMArena
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