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THE BEST OF 2019: MC lists the products we like the most to try on this …

by ace
OS MELHORES DE 2019: O MC lista os produtos que mais gostamos de testar neste ano!

The year 2019 is finally ending, so it's a good time to do one of those traditional retrospectives! In this article we will list some of the products we like to test the most in our reviews throughout the year, with links to review posts, of course! Check out the full list below:

Pocophone F1

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The Pocophone F1 was actually launched last year, but we only had a chance to test it in 2019, at which time its availability was also increased. And the device can appear in this list even though it was released before because it can be much better than phones released after it.

The cell phone is a great example of how well the strategy of focusing on one main feature and doing it well, rather than "shooting everywhere" works well. The Pocophone F1 has the sole mission of delivering great performance at a competitive price and that's exactly what the handset does, and does very well!

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

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THE BEST OF 2019: MC lists the products we like the most to try on this ...

Mi Mix 3 comes on the list because of its excellent design. In 2019 several great phone models proved that the retractable camera can be a great solution for offering more screen and a more modern look on the smartphone, but the Mi Mix 3 adopted a slider style that turned out to be very interesting.

The slider has a negative impact on the weight and thickness of the Mi Mix 3, but the device still offers a great experience and was one of the ones we like to try this year!

Huawei P30 Pro

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Huawei arrived in Brazil with style, because the P30 Pro is an excellent business card. In addition to being a top of the line with everything one might want from such a device, such as beautiful screen, high performance, lots of memory and great design, he kicked the door when it comes to photography.

With a stunning 10x zoom, almost lossless, and reaching an impressive 50x, this is quite a device for photography fans, with impressive post processing, especially in darker scenes. It's challenging to have the best models on the market at the moment of clicks.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

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The new generation of the most popular smart fitness bracelet brought the improvements Mi Band so much needed. The display is now colorful and has a much higher resolution, showing information with more colorful, beautiful and more arts.


We put the three products in a battle!

In contrast, she did not give up her strengths. The range has been reduced slightly, but we are still talking about two weeks or more of charge, and the price remains unbeatable, with it being easily found at values ​​below 200 reais, which make it one of the best options undoubtedly wearable input device. for those who want to start taking a risk in the world of wearables.

OnePlus 7 Pro

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THE BEST OF 2019: MC lists the products we like the most to try on this ...

The OnePlus 7 Pro was a great surprise this year. A beautiful screen, great design and great performance are to be expected from a high-end handset, but 7 Pro also offers a "smartphone gamer" experience without extolling that part in your marketing. Its screen has a refresh rate of 90Hz and it offers specific settings to be used while playing, something always very welcome for those who play a lot on mobile.

And here we also have a retractable camera, giving even more space to the beautiful screen of this device.

Xiaomi Mi 9T

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We have no doubt that this was one of the best devices we tested in the year. The Mi 9T lives in that healthy balance of performance, quality and cost, not exaggerating in either direction. The handset has a display that takes up almost the entire front area thanks to the use of a retractable front camera and in the rest we have everything in good measure: the camera has good quality, the hardware has enough power, the internal space is not missing and the price is not out of control because nothing here is exaggerated. Easily one of the best when it comes to cost and benefit.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

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Is expensive? Yes No doubt. It is excellent? Unquestionable. The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are giants when it comes to smartphone quality, and maintain Apple's reputation as a company that can make some of the best mobile devices in the world. Their performance is impeccable, the cameras have unbeatable quality, impressive postprocessing merit and HDR, and the design goes well too, although it's time to fix this notch by pulling a "chunk" out of the front area, Isn't it really apple company?

Mavic Mini

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Nearly the end of the year DJI launched the small and lightweight Mavic Mini drone, which featured the compact concept of the Mavic line, with its weight far below the vast majority of drones of similar specifications, just 29 grams. Other important features of the drone are the flight range of up to 30 minutes and a 2.7K camera for video and 12MP for all.

You can see the full review in the video below.


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