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Tesla Update Comes with Text to Voice, Camp Mode and Music Maker Kit

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Update da Tesla vem com texto para voz, Camp Mode e kit para criar música

Tesla has begun making the year-end update available for the automaker's electric cars, which includes adding a number of much-awaited features to users. These include the option to send messages using voice commands and to hear out loud what your contacts have sent.

This has become necessary because Tesla uses its own interface for its infotainment system, without resorting to standardized alternatives such as Apple CarPlay or Android Auto – something that its users have been asking for years.

Now when the driver gets a message, he just needs to press the right scroll button and the car will read its contents out loud. To answer it, simply push the button again.

The Tesla update even includes some new games for the center console and the addition of TRAX. TRAX is an Apple Garage Band-style digital audio studio. With it, drivers can work their creativity and produce their own music wherever they are – as long as the car is parked, of course.

Also included in the update is Camp Mode. It is a feature that allows you to use the vehicle in camping situations. To this end, Tesla promises that the mode maintains the airflow, temperature and interior light. To top it off, the feature still plays music and lets you recharge mobile devices.

The update even includes something that CEO Elon Musk was calling "a complete preview of autonomous management." According to The Verge, this has come to fruition in the form of an improvement to the driving views that appear inside the car. These views are now able to display additional objects such as traffic lights, stop signals, and some track markings.

Via: The verge


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