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Survey shows 2019 was worst year in security holes

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Pesquisa mostra que 2019 foi o pior ano em falhas de segurança

Data security appears to have gone through its worst year of failure in 2019, according to Risk Based Security research that found that the total number of breaches increased by 33% over the previous year. In fact, global journalism has relentlessly reported database vulnerability issues, ranging from weak passwords like "123456789" to security holes in large institutions.

Risk Based Security research shows that medical services, retailers and public entities were the most affected this year. There were 5,183 times that data were violated, totaling 7.9 billion records exposed in these institutions. The research company said 2019 was the "worst year ever recorded" with violations.


According to Avast, users simply did not change the default password.

Passport numbers, medical records, bank account details, social media credentials, Social Security numbers, and more personal data were leaked during 2019. In February of this year, over 617 million site and app accounts like Dubsmash, Armor Games, 500px, Whitepages and ShareThis were hacked and put up for sale on the dark web. In April, 540 million Facebook accounts had their records exposed. In August, a security breach in Google Chrome hit 2 billion users.

Giant companies such as Adobe also missed out in 2019. The company left 7.5 million Creative Cloud customer records in an unsafe database. Returning to the Facebook scandals, the social network has leaked data from the profiles of 100 application developers.


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According to the US computer company IBM (International Business Machines Corporation), the value of data recovery by companies that had their records exposed could reach $ 3.92 million. All of these would include expenses with investigation, damage control, repairs, lawsuits and fines. That figure would have been readjusted by 12% in five years, meaning that every year it becomes more expensive to manage data vulnerability crisis.

Source: CNet
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