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Supposed Galaxy Note 10 Lite Appears in Image Leak

by ace
Suposto Galaxy Note 10 Lite aparece em vazamento de imagens

A leak of alleged marketing images may have revealed the design of a new version of Galaxy Note 10, which has been called Galaxy Note 10 Lite. The images have a lot of quality, which ends up giving strength to the rumor, but it is worth remembering that this is not an official disclosure of Samsung, so it is a good dose of skepticism.

From the images we can see the handsets in the color options black, red and a pearl type. You can also see that if the devices exist, the manufacturer will adopt a camera system rectangular format for them, differing from what is the arrangement in the original Note 10 and Note 10+.


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Another interesting thing that appears in the images is the S-Pen. Every time a company creates a "Lite" version of a familiar line of phones, we expect that some components and features will be cut or shrunk to make the handset more affordable. The S-Pen is the most important feature of the Note line, so it would really be very strange for Samsung to cut this feature on a device that bears the name, even though it is a Lite. Anyway, it is interesting to see the accessory appearing in the images.

Supposed Galaxy Note 10 Lite Appears in Image LeakSupposed Galaxy Note 10 Lite Appears in Image Leak

We do not know, then, if the Galaxy Note 10 Lite is real, what features will actually be cut to justify this new version coming out well later. Probably a lower level processor and maybe even a smaller screen.

But for now, what we have is just images and a lot of speculation. The folks at WinFuture, where the images come from, just posted the leak and didn't go into details of what to expect from the device. But an official revelation should not be far away, especially if other earlier rumors are confirmed and Samsung launches its new generation Galaxy S11 as early as February. The company should probably make the announcement of Note 10 Lite before that. We can only wait and see.

Source: The verge


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