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Startup Rocket Lab tests system to recover rockets after launch

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Startup Rocket Lab testa sistema para recuperar foguetes após lançamento

Space delivery startup Rocket Lab took another big step in its business: in addition to making its tenth successful launch with the Electron rocket, the company was able to test its new material recovery and reuse system. The news promises to help the company reduce costs and, consequently, make its services cheaper.

Rocket Lab operates only with the Electron rocket line, which is geared towards small deliveries. At its tenth launch, the 16-meter-tall spacecraft carried satellites to Spaceflight and Alba Orbital. More than that, though, the work of the day served to test the company's rocket recovery technique.

While SpaceX gained notoriety for using propellers that make their Falcon descend on a base, the startup used a booster that lets you manage the descent and slow down the rocket. This allows the company to have better landing control and recover materials used for launching with a helicopter, according to TechCrunch,

On Twitter, the company said the first stage of the test was successfully completed and exceeded team expectations. Rocket Lab gave no further details on the progress of the process, so the business is waiting for more news from the company.

Peter Beck, CEO of Rocket Lab, announced plans to recover rockets in August, showing a rapid evolution in the firm's technology. Considering that the Electron rocket is used for small, low-cost deliveries relative to competitors, the evolution of the parts reuse system can be a big step towards making space travel more affordable.

Via: TechCrunch


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