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Startup Car10 to use Microsoft AI for car repair budget

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Startup Car10 vai usar IA da Microsoft para orçamento de conserto em carros

Car10's online car repair quote service will start using Microsoft Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its calculations to make the consultation process faster and more convenient for users. The technology will be used with customers who want budgets for minor repairs to their vehicles. Car10 startup users will send photos of the needed repairs to their car to receive budget estimates within 32 seconds.


Devices will receive update 1909

The practicality of using AI relies on a database and image database stored since 2014, when Car10 was founded. Data is protected with security certifications from Azure, Microsoft's cloud platform. The system also has machine learning to compare damage sent by customers with other similar cases already stored in the image bank.

With comparisons, artificial intelligence can calculate an estimate according to previously used budgets. According to the company, while drivers submit photos to the Car10 system, the workshops themselves also receive the material to start official budgets in full detail.

Startup Car10 to use Microsoft AI for car repair budget

The partnership between Car10 and Microsoft was signed in 2017 through a startup investment of R $ 2 million from the "BR Startups Fund". Before using AI, Car10 would send budget requests to up to five nearby workshops, and drivers would get their budgets back in about two hours.

The Car10 service offers the budget, workshop visit schedule and facilitates payment through its digital platform. Customers also have the ability to evaluate the experience and store where the repair was performed. The service is available for Android and will arrive on the iOS system in the coming days.

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