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Star Wars themed electric pressure cooker will be launched later this year

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Panela de pressão elétrica com temas do Star Wars serão lançadas ainda neste ano

The Star Wars saga, with every movie it releases, continues to create a loyal following of fans around the world, that's a fact. As a result, many brands leverage this passion to create hundreds of products licensed for this legion of fanatics. Now Star Wars fans will be able to prepare their meals in style with the announcement of the series's themed Instant Pot line of electric pressure cookers.

Sales will be exclusive by store Williams-Sonoma and the pre-sale of the pans is now available, scheduled to arrive in stores on December 13, very close to the release of the latest movie from the saga's third trilogy: Star Wars Episode IX – Skywalker Ascension, to be released. December 19th here in Brazil.

The themed electric pressure cookers feature 5 models, each representing one of the characters in the series, plus 3 capacities: 3, 5.6 and 7.5 liters. The R2-D2, Darth Vader and Stormtrooper themed pans are 5.6 liters, the BB-8's 3 liters and our beloved Chewbacca's 7.5 liters.

Apart from the fact that they are really beautiful, all models have a 1 year warranty; 7 different ways of preparation; 13 recipes already programmed in the product for cooking rice, poultry, meat, stews, porridge, beans, among others; 3 temperature levels to sauté and brown the food; yogurt function that heats milk for pasteurization and fermentation; Keeps food warm automatically for up to 10 hours or manually for up to 100 hours; Instant Pot's unique app with over 1000 recipes and tips for using the pressure cooker.

In addition to these various features, there are some 'thematic' recipes unique to this line:

– Darth Vader Beef Stew
– Shrimp Noodles BB-8
– Boiled eggs on the dark side
– Herb Chicken R2-D2
– Chewie's Chili

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