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SpaceX to Bring Marijuana to International Space Station

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SpaceX vai levar maconha para a Estação Espacial Internacional

The International Space Station receives many different types of loads to test and see how gravity affects every kind of life and object. In March, a different load arrives at ISS, but not only do researchers want to use Elon Musk's SpaceX to bring coffee. Colorado researchers hope to measure mutation results after exposure to the space environment, after all, what would happen by consuming these substances away from Earth?

The partnership was made by Front Range Biosciences, an agricultural biotechnology company with technology startup Space Cells, Colorado University and SpaceX as the cargo carrier. To this end, a space-specific incubator has been set up to ensure that cannabis, which has many medicinal uses, can be useful in space.

"This is the first time anyone has been researching the effects of microgravity and spaceflight on cannabis and coffee cell cultures. There is science to support the theory that plants in space mutate. This is an opportunity to see if those mutations stand once brought back to earth and if there are new commercial applications. ”
Jonathan Vaught, co-founder and CEO of Front Range Biosciences, in a statement.

The plants will stay in space for a month and return to Front Range to do DNA analysis and identify possible changes. According to Reggie Gaudino, vice president of research and development at the lab, the team is excited to learn more about the plant gene and how they react to microgravity.

SpaceX Starship Mk1 prototype, spacecraft
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Even though this may serve as the beginning for interstellar cultivation, what can be learned can be used to enhance plant growth here on the planet, better understanding what is needed for the growth of each species. Last year, Front Range partnered with Frinj Coffee to produce coffee plants that can grow in Southern California, somewhat difficult away from the equatorial countries.

SpaceX to Bring Marijuana to International Space Station

With the important participation of eccentric billionaire Elon Musk who has even tasted live marijuana on show, these and other charges reach the space from time to time. The company also has plans to bring up to 42,000 satellites into space to provide high-quality internet, a plan that is underway, but with some drawbacks.

Source: Vice
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