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SpaceX studies coating Starlink satellites so as not to disturb astronomy

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SpaceX estuda revestir satélites Starlink para não atrapalhar a astronomia

SpaceX has the bold plan to put about 42,000 satellites in orbit to provide high-speed internet to the entire planet, but there is one catch, but the 120 or so Starlink satellites sent so far are already disrupting space observation here on Earth. . In order to continue with the mind-boggling technological plan, SpaceX is working on a way to soften the light reflected from objects, as commented by Gwyne Shotwell, chief operating officer of SpaceX.

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Among the 60 to be launched in late December, Shotwell comments that at least it will be used to test a way to make satellites less reflective, reducing interference with space observation.

The satellite will be darkly coated before launch, and as SpaceX has urgency in its design, whether it is testing a major coverage area by the end of the year, it is important that it works. If this fails, the company will have to go after some other solution, or it could end up causing a negative image of the company among researchers and industry companies.

"We want to make sure that we do the right thing to make sure little kids can look through telescopes too. Astronomy is one of the few things that makes kids excited about space."
Gwyne Shotwell, President Head of SpaceX Operations

Although now a problem, Shotwell comments that this was in fact not foreseen by anyone in the astronomy community. Even with comments from SpaceX's chief operating officer, The Space Reviews reinforces that it had already commented on the problem that such a large fleet of satellites could bring, something that seems to have been ignored. However, the Starlink plan is still underway and should bring more results as early as 2020.

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