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Smoke is an app that brings Steam features to Apple Watch

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Smoke é um app que traz funcionalidades da Steam para o Apple Watch

Apple's smart watch ecosystem has gained the addition of an app that brings to your wrist a host of features from Valve's Steam PC gaming platform. The app in question is called Smoke and it allows users to access their Steam account directly from their Apple Watch.


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While it has a host of features on Steam's desktop client, it's important to make it clear that it doesn't do one thing: run the games themselves. Still, it allows players to keep up with the latest game news from their library or wish list.

Apple App Store: Smoke for Steam

Plus, they can see what their friends are playing even if you are away from your PC. You can also check out the games you have in your library and those that are owned by your friends. This includes viewing the store page for these titles, which provides information such as pricing, user reviews, game genre player statistics.

Source: App Store

You can see if your friends are online or their current status on the Valve platform. In addition, Smoke has a feature that lets you tap news that is running on Apple Watch to send it to your smartphone with iOS operating system.

The iPhones version of the app still allows for a certain level of customization, including changes to the theme color and app icon. You can even save the news you are reading and send it to your platform friends.

Via: The verge


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