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Sisu: Simulator gives estimate of the grade required to pass the desired course

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Sisu: Simulador dá estimativa da nota necessária para passar no curso desejado

With the arrival of the new year, college entrance exams are beginning to worry about whether they will get the long-awaited college vacancy through Sisu 2020. Stoodi, the online study platform, has launched the Sisu 2020 Simulator with the intention of ending it. anxiety because it allows the student to have a prediction of how their performance will be when Sisu officially makes the ranking available.

Inep and Ministry of Education announce
transition to digital enem by 2026

Sisu (Unified Selection System) is a method by which public universities offer vacancies to candidates who participated in the Enem (National High School Exam). It was created by the Ministry of Education to offer students the opportunity to enter college for free.

"The main motivation for developing the Sisu Simulator is to help the student in a delicate and anxious time. We know that the period between the release of Enem grades and the opening of the SISU registration is short, but it can generate a lot giving information that helps the student better handle this moment is part of Stoodi's purpose. "
Tiago Previato, Stoodi Product Manager

The simulator works as follows: first you have to enter Enem's grades in the math, humanities, natural sciences, languages ​​and codes, and essay tests, followed by the desired course and the state in which you intend to study. Then, based on the system cutoff grade, the platform will estimate the chances of passing the university. You must be logged in to view the estimate.

Sisu is one of the most sought after student government programs, mainly because it gives access to quality public universities. About 239,000 vacancies in 30 institutions are offered, a number that has been growing annually. In 2018, there were almost two million students who applied, and as it is possible to choose up to two courses, enrollment reached 3.5 million.

Source: SISU Simulator
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