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Seal helps scientists measure temperature in Antarctic Ocean

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Foca ajuda cientistas a medir temperatura no Oceano Antártico

Scientists have found a curious way to measure temperature fluctuations in the Antarctic Ocean and surrounding waters. In a study recently published in the journal Nature, researchers tell how they used a southern elephant seal female (easily mistaken for a seal) to better understand melting glaciers and how it could affect the planet's climate overall. .

Researchers at the California Institute of Technology report that they attached a sensor to the animal, they said, so that it would not hinder locomotion and the everyday life of the marine being. The idea came as a solution to the great difficulty of analyzing the sea in very low temperature conditions, with the sensor and the seal it is not necessary to move trained personnel to a region to gather information. In addition, the sea elephant can go where equipment has difficulty, which has generated unprecedented data.

The sensor was coupled in 2014 and resulted in a high amount of information as these animals dive up to 80 times a day to a depth of up to 800 meters. The female traveled 5,000 kilometers in three months, about 6,300 dives were made.

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According to the research, the study of the collected data revealed that the heat stored in the depths of the ocean can be brought to the surface by currents that penetrate to the deep part. This causes a warming of water on the surface, before the reverse effect was already known, it was known that heat was capable of immersing. With the new finding, climate science can better calculate the effects of increasing climate irregularities in recent years.

Scientists at the University of Exerter in the UK recently installed speakers on the seabed to repopulate reefs with impaired biodiversity. According to the researchers, healthy sounds can attract young fish.

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