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Scientists teleport data between two chips via quantum entanglement

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Cientistas teleportam dados entre dois chips via entrelaçamento quântico

Scientists at the University of Bristol and the Technical University of Denmark have achieved quantum data teleportation between two world chips. The discovery was published in the renowned scientific journal. Nature physics and may even pave the way for an era where communication occurs at a faster rate than light – something now considered impossible by theorems such as Non-communication.


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To do so, they took advantage of a phenomenon known as quantum entanglement, which causes two quantum particles to share their state. This happens no matter how far apart they are, which makes this a promising technique for communications.

"We were able to demonstrate a high quality interlacing link between two chips in the lab, where the photons of each shared a single quantum state. Each chip was then fully programmed to perform a series of demonstrations using interlacing."
Dan Llewellyn, University of Bristol Researcher

Even if the particles in question are light years away, the effects of interlacing could still be measured instantaneously. If this experiment could be reproduced at greater distances, it would be possible to achieve communication above the speed of light.

Something that is currently considered impossible according to the most accepted theories in the field of quantum physics. This is precisely why the phenomenon of quantum entanglement was regarded as a "ghostly action at a distance" by the German physicist Abert Einsten. For him, it is an impossible event, at least according to the laws of orthodox quantum mechanics.

"The main demonstration was a two-chip teleportation experiment where the individual quantum state of a particle is transmitted through two chips after a quantum measurement is taken. This measurement takes advantage of the strange behavior of quantum physics, which, at the same time it collapses the interlacing binding and transfers the particle state to another particle that is on the receiving chip ".
Dan Llewellyn, University of Bristol Researcher

Via: Tom's Hardware Source: Nature


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