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Samsung prepares to introduce Neon, "Artificial Human"

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Samsung se prepara para apresentar Neon,

Samsung has begun to unveil its newest artificial intelligence product, according to the company is an artificial human named after Neon. The revelation of exactly what Neon is will be made during CES 2020, a technology fair held every year that brings together the biggest brands in the industry. The first teasers of the upcoming technology came on Twitter through the profile @Neondotlife and share a countdown to the fair.

Despite winning several postings, little is known about the news, one of the tweets mentions "NEON = ARTIFICIAL HUMAN" and gathers several comments of doubt and skepticism about what Samsung will be able to deliver.

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According to the company, developing artificial intelligence bears no resemblance to Bixby, the digital assistant, which means we can expect something far more sophisticated and intelligent. The product profile goes further and responds to comparisons with Bixby by saying that Neon doesn't compare with anything seen before.

Neon is developed by Samsung Advanced Research and Technology Labs, or STAR Labs. Leading the unit as president and CEO is Pranav Mistry, best known for his work on augmented reality technology called Sixth Sense. Mistry recently shared the project's outreach video, demonstrating engagement and raising the expectation for creation.

Samsung is not alone in making large investments in artificial intelligence, Intel, for example, recently acquired IA Habana Labs for $ 2 billion.

Source: Neon (Twitter), Neon (Website)
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