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Samsung patent shows possible design of upcoming Galaxy Fold

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Patente da Samsung mostra possível design do próximo Galaxy Fold

Samsung has patented new folding smartphone models. The website Let's Go Digital, famous for its renderings of the technology industry's latest news, has applied his art to these possible three new devices that may be the successors of Galaxy Fold.

Samsung Patent for Folding Devices

Samsung's current folding device was proposed to be the pioneer in the market. He faced some problems with units sent to journalists even before their official release. This made its launch much delayed, and the proposal questioned. Despite the problems, it seems that the Korean has not given up to invest and improve in technology, this patent may reveal the first ideas of product design.

According to the designs of the possible Galaxy Fold 2 (name not yet confirmed), it will look more like a tablet than a smartphone. Your fold will also differ from the first generation (which doubled as a book) and closer to the recently released Motorola Razr (which folds in half). The images below are just renderings created by Let's Go Digital, yet there is no confirmation that the device is real or if its final design will really look like this. To see them enlarged, click on the icons below:

You can see that the device can be used in many ways, not just closed and open. It can also serve as a pocket notebook, where the keyboard is on the bottom and the preview screen on the screen above. In addition, there is no visible notch where dust can enter. This problem has been faced by Galaxy Fold and Samsung must be trying to prevent the error from recurring.


The manufacturer promises that the design problems of the original model have been fixed.

All handsets have the same design, but one of the patented models does not fold exactly in the middle. The bottom screen gets smaller but is sufficient to allocate a keyboard, leaving a slightly larger viewing space at the top. This would be a slightly better solution to effectively use the smartphone as a small notebook, enough to write texts for example.

The third model presented is almost entirely a folding tablet. Its screen is much larger and its uses seem more limited and impractical. When opened, it is about the size of a notebook screen, so it may not be widely used.

None of the three models has an external screen, which may be to slightly lower production costs and, consequently, the final value of the product. Galaxy Fold was launched for $ 1,980, which made its access extremely restricted. A second version can take this into consideration and make some savings to make it more attractive to the market.

Remember that a patent only means the registration of an idea, does not mean that the device will be launched effectively. Samsung has not yet commented on the possibility of a second version of Galaxy Fold.

Via: Let's Go Digital
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