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Samsung may be working on 25W fast charging power bank

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Samsung pode estar trabalhando em power bank com carregamento rápido de 25W

Samsung is working on a power bank that supports wireless charging and fast charging when wired. This is what indicates the registration of a new patent with the FCC – the US telecommunications regulator – and also a leaked image, supposedly of the accessory. You can see the supposed portable charger below, with two USB-C connections:

With the increasing capacity of smartphone batteries, the fast charging present in these handsets does not stop advancing. But technology has not evolved so quickly in power banks, and depending on the situation, its use is even obsolete, because the time it takes to recharge a cell phone can take so long that the user will end up preferring to charge when they get home soon.

Samsung's registered power bank can charge at 25W when wired. The number is still somewhat below 45W that the Galaxy Note 10+ can plug into, but it is already as fast as other high-end devices like the standard Note 10. Of course, induction charging without using the wire will still be somewhat slower. SamMobile, where the news comes from, speculates that the charger should deliver up to 15W when charging this way. And its capacity should be around 10,000 mAh, still according to the site.


Company has not revealed a possible new date for the arrival of the device on the market

As we are talking about an unofficial leak, there is still no release date set for this new power bank. In fact, not even the trade name of the product has appeared yet. The folks at SamMobile, however, speculate that it could be announced along with the new generation of Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Fold 2, which could happen in February 2020. If this is the case, the power bank might even be included in some. handset package as a pre-sale bonus or something. But at the moment we have only speculation.

Source: SamMobile


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