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Samsung launches wireless charger that sterilizes smartphones

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  • Samsung’s subsidiary, ITFIT, has launched a wireless charger, capable of sanitizing mobile devices by UV light
  • The product is a white box, which accommodates several devices
  • When plugged into the box, UV ITFIT charges and kills up to 99% of viruses and bacteria on devices

A new Samsung gadget has started to appear in some worldwide certification bodies. The new accessory, called UV ITFIT, has been confirmed by the manufacturer and is a wireless charger, equipped with a UV sterilizer for smartphones and other wearables. The device will be made by ITFIT, which is a Korean subsidiary. Despite this, the equipment is listed as being developed by the Galaxy manufacturer.

With the growing advance of the Covid-19 pandemic, new care has been taken by people. One of the new habits is to sanitize all objects that enter the home, be it grocery shopping, even other belongings that have had contact with the external environment. One of these devices is the smartphone.

Samsung launches wireless charger that sterilizes smartphones

Several studies show the amount of viruses, bacteria and other things that mobile devices carry with them. One of the studies, published by Times, says the smartphone can be up to 10 times dirtier than toilet seats. Not all types of disinfectants are suitable for cleaning appliances.

Samsung is proposing a specific device for this purpose. The gadget is a white box, equipped with UV light. Already this lighting has been proven to kill 99% of Covid viruses. Despite this, the company responsible does not claim that the product frees users from Covid-19.


Devices go on sale on July 13 and 20, for R $ 5,999 and R $ 1,399

When the user places his smartphone to charge, he is also being sterilized. So when it gets back into people’s hands, it will be free of bacteria and viruses. Remember that an important step is to keep your hands clean.

The gadget is just a white box, which is capable of carrying and sanitizing various devices. Despite being developed by Samsung, other brands can also be used. The company says the size is sufficient to accommodate a Galaxy S20 Ultra, which is 6.9 inches. But, it can also be used by watches and other devices.

For the device to work it is necessary to put the items in the box, connect to a USB-C power supply and press the power button. The built-in 10-watt Qi charger will provide power to charge the devices and keep them free of about 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

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Samsung launches wireless charger that sterilizes smartphones

Currently, the ITFIT UV sterilizer is only available in Thailand. The amount he is selling is 1,590 baht (about US $ 51, or R $ 270 in direct conversion). It is also starting to appear on some Hong Kong dealer lists, but it is not yet available. Other countries were also not mentioned regarding product availability.

Via: engadget, Xda-developers


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