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Samsung gets closer to producing QD-OLED TVs

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Samsung fica mais perto de produzir TVs QD-OLED

Although Samsung has a dominant presence in the use of OLED technology on mobile screens, even Apple uses its iPhone screens, LG dominates the OLED TVs segment.


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LG's OLED TVs impressed testers with their ability to control light precisely, unlike Samsung's "QLED" quantum dot LCD technology, which still places LED taillights behind a filter.

That could change soon, as Samsung announced in October that it will invest $ 11 billion by 2025 to build a factory capable of producing truly QLED TVs with precise light control. The company had previously tried to produce TVs with this type of technology, such as the 55-inch Super OLED, but because burn-in was high, Samsung found it better to develop its technology further.

Now two Samsung researchers, Dr. Eunjoo Jang and Dr. Yu-Ho Won, have published a technical article in Nature about the new indium phosphide-based quantum dot LED technology instead of cadmium with up to 1 million lifespan. of hours. Their design seems to increase efficiency by preventing oxidation and energy leaks.

Its proposed structure prevents oxidation of the core and creates a thick symmetrical shell around it to prevent energy leaks. The binder on the surface has been made shorter to allow it to absorb electric current faster.

For Samsung to have made this major investment in producing "QD-OLED" screens, Samsung must believe that any issues will be resolved soon.

The bad news is that despite the company's announcement, the commercialization of quantum dot (QD) TVs as a light source is still slow. They are likely to start coming to market only after 2025.

The company added that it has more than 170 patents on element structure in QLEDs and will continue to develop new technologies. Samsung researchers' white paper can be viewed on here.

Source: Engadget, Samsung
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