Home Technology Samsung Galaxy S11 line should feature a 48 MP telephoto lens [Rumor]


Samsung Galaxy S11 line should feature a 48 MP telephoto lens [Rumor]

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Linha Samsung Galaxy S11 deve contar com uma lente telefoto de 48 MP [Rumor]

With the end of the year approaching, rumors about the specs of future 2020 smartphones are growing hotter, mainly linked to the new handsets of South Korean manufacturer Samsung.

According to Twitter user Ice universe (@UniverseIce), a famous leaker who has already hit other leaks in the smartphone world, says Samsung will equip the entire future Galaxy S11 line (including S11, S11e and S11 +) with a sensor telephoto "not less than 48 MP".

He does not provide more accurate information about which sensor the South Korean manufacturer will use in its future high-end handsets, only stating that "Samsung will lead the race in the high pixel telephoto lens", implying that the company has been working. hard to deliver the best smartphone when it comes to photography.


Leak indicates that the handset will use the 108MP sensor with Bayer 9 technology for 1

For those who don't know, telephoto sensors, also known as telephoto or periscope, are commonly used to take pictures of distant objects, and recent rumors point out that the Samsung Galaxy S11's telephoto sensor will be able to perform a 5x optical zoom, even reaching at 100x zoom in digital mode.

Still talking about rumors about the cameras of the Samsung Galaxy S11, the device should have a set of up to five lenses, the main one being a large 108 MP sensor, which had Bayer 9 to 1 technology, bringing together nine pixels in one, thus getting 12 MP images with great quality.

With the possible launch of Samsung's new handsets coming ahead of MWC 2020 (Mobile World Congress), which takes place February 24-27 in the Spanish capital, Barcelona, ​​we should see more rumors and leaks about the S11 line soon.

Via: Net Workshop Source: GSMArena
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