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Samsung Galaxy S11 can hit the market with Snapdragon 865

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Samsung Galaxy S11 pode chegar ao mercado com Snapdragon 865

A new publication by The Elec has added one of the possible specs for the Samsung Galaxy S11, and it looks like the company may be planning a rather interesting change from SoCs. According to the portal, the S11 could hit the market equipped with Qualcomm's newly released Snapdragon 865.


The company's new premium SoC features the world's most advanced 5G platform.

Still according to The Elec, Samsung would have decided to change because the performance difference between Snapdragon 865 and Exynos 990, released in late October, "is too big." The Snapdragon 865 features Cortex-A77 cores, offers 15TOPS of IA performance and can support cameras up to 200MP. The Exynos 990, in turn, has A76, 10TOPS cores and supports sensors up to 108MP. The claim about performance has not been confirmed by Samsung, and probably never will be.

Samsung Galaxy S11 can hit the market with Snapdragon 865

Another reason could be that most regions of the world (except Europe) will use Snapdragon by 2020 – including South Korea, even though it does not have an extremely large market (around 20 million shipments per year). . In Brazil, for example, the Galaxy S10 arrived with Exynos. Until then, Snapdragon's presence was concentrated in the United States, China, and Japan.

From now on, we can hear a lot about SoC changes on Samsung phones, as Samsung has also recently announced that it will use MediaTek 5G chipsets on some of its more affordable handsets.

Samsung Galaxy S11 can hit the market with Snapdragon 865

Apart from the new processor, we know that the Galaxy S11 and S11 + duo will see a lifespan with their new 4,500mAh and 5,000mAh batteries – for both the 4G and 5G models. The S11e, line input model, will feature 3,800mAh.

Rumors point to a February 2020 release, and we'll be watching for more on the new flagship Galaxy S.

Via: GSM Arena, Forbes
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