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Rumors point to launch of next generation Huawei SoC, Kirin 1020

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Rumores apontam o lançamento da próxima geração de SoC da Huawei, o Kirin 1020

Qualcomm recently announced its new SoC line (Snapdragon 865, 765 and 765G) for the year 2020 during its annual event that took place between December 3rd and 5th. All the details of these products you can check in the article we made about it.

Admittedly, we will not see any smartphone equipped with these chips this year. Even so Qualcomm is a reference when it comes to SoC and announcements of new products of the company are always highly anticipated by the specialized media and consumers. However, it appears that Qualcomm's announcements have 'awakened' its competitors, and Huawei plans to launch its new next-generation chip next year.

Qualcomm introduces up to 2x more powerful Snapdragon 865, 765 and 765G chips

A Twitter rumor suggests that Huawei should launch its next-generation SoC under the name of Kirin 1020. In addition, an intermediate device chip, the Kirin 820, may also be in the company's plans to replace the current one. Kirin 810.

The person responsible for the leak did not report any specification of these alleged chips. The little information he provided was that the Kirin 1020 will be produced at 5 nm and will be powered by the ARM Cortex-A77 CPU, which can bring a 50% performance gain over the current Kirin 990. The Kirin 1020 will only have version with the integrated 5G modem and the company seems to have no plans to release a version with a 4G modem.

According to the informant, Huawei intends to continue with its current product upgrades, leaving the release of the Kirin 1020 for the second half of next year, equipping the future Huawei Mate 40. The next generation P40 series will be equipped with Kirin 990 which also has an integrated 5G modem. It will also be able to equip Huawei Nova 7 and Honor 10X.

If these rumors will be confirmed in the future we can only wait. Such leaks usually hit much of the information, and we can analyze them with the well-known popular phrase: "Where there is smoke there is fire."

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