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Robots can create jobs in Brazil, says expert

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Robots can create jobs in Brazil, says expert


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Data show that Brazil does not keep up with the worldwide pace of robotics expansion, but for UERJ professor the problem of the country is not a lack of knowledge, but of training and planning.

The global average is 74 robots for every 10,000 employees, while in Brazil this number is only 10. In South Korea, the rate is impressive: 631. In the United States, the proportion is 189.

In a country like Brazil, which has been facing high unemployment, the use of robots in various sectors of the economy and society brings fear that more jobs will be lost.

However, for computer and mathematics engineer Marinilza Bruno de Carvalho, saying that robotization steals jobs is a fake "mantra".

"This is a mantra. There is no such risk. When you have a robot, you will need a lot of people to maintain that robot," the professor at Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ) told Sputnik Brazil.

The problem, the expert points out, is that there is a deficiency in education in the country.

"Everything will fall into education. These people would need to be trained and empowered. And that is not fast," he said.

A robot can create five new posts

Marinilza explains that replacing a human being with a robot can generally yield a positive balance of four jobs created, as it would "require at least five people to take care" of the apparatus.

According to the engineer, many times in Brazil the machine is used, but for lack of maintenance "the next day she will be failing".

According to Marinilza, the big question is to plan production and train the workforce, creating more classes, going to companies and preparing projects for schools.

"We need two strong training lines in the country. Training professionals as engineers to develop robots, which is not new, but needs quantity. And training for maintenance," he said.

Brazil has knowledge, but lack planning

For the teacher, Brazil has "knowledge" in the area of ​​robotics and develops "very important and innovative" things. As proof of this, he says that Brazilian projects in the area are usually awarded.

"What is missing is a plan to expand capacity so that we can respond more quickly to this technology that is coming. We have knowledge and competence, but we cannot move fast," he said. . (tagsToTranslate) Use of robots in Brazil (t) mechanization of the economy (t) unemployment in Brazil


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