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Qualcomm Tests First 3.8GHz Private 5G Network in Industrial Environment

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Qualcomm testa primeira rede 5G privada de 3.8GHz em ambiente industrial


According to the company, 450 million of these arrive by 2021

Qualcomm and Siemens have partnered to test the first private 5G network in an industrial environment. The companies installed a concept project in Germany demonstrating the first standalone 5G private network (SA) in a real industrial environment using the 3.7GHz to 3.8GHz band. Qualcomm provided the 5G test network and 5G industrial devices running on the company's technologies, and Siemens was responsible for providing industrial end devices such as automated vehicles.

Companies are testing 5G in a research suite at the Siemens Automotive Test Center, where currently available industrial technologies such as OPC UA and Profinet are tested and evaluated – technologies that require a 5G private network to function. In Germany, private networks can use 3.7GHz to 3.8GHz local broadband spectrum, reserved for industrial use in local deployments. These private networks enable industrial spaces to control and manage their own networks as they see fit, enabling security, low latency, and the ability to reconfigure the network to meet changing needs while keeping data in place for added security.

“Industrial 5G is the gateway to a comprehensive wireless network for production, maintenance and logistics. High data rates, ultra-reliable transmission and extremely low latencies will allow significant increases in efficiency and flexibility in industrial value added, ”said Eckard Eberle, CEO of Siemens Process Automation.

The 5G standalone networking proof of concept at the Siemens Automotive Test Center is designed to enable Siemens and Qualcomm Technologies to test new technologies and present solutions for the future of private wireless applications in industrial environments. Qualcomm Technologies has configured 5G industrial test devices along with a 5G standalone test network that includes a 5G main network and a 5G base station with remote radio head. For this, Siemens provided the actual industrial configuration including Simatic control systems and IO devices.

Source: Qualcomm
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